Benefits and What to Expect in a Private Yoga Session in Portland


Yoga continues to gain in popularity over the years and the availability of new classes every day confirms the trend. There is a Yoga trend that is growing even faster than classes. It is private yoga lessons.

What is the Difference Between Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Classes?

An important note is a private yoga session is not a class for one student. It provides much, much more. You get the benefits. In other words, a private yoga session is not just getting more individual time and attention (although you do get more of both), it is about getting results tailored for your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness goals.

Below are the top three benefits you get from private yoga sessions.

Setting Personal Goals

This is by far the biggest benefit. Not everybody seeks yoga for the same reasons and not everybody’s reasons have the same personal priority. You may seek yoga to solve a physical, physiological or emotional challenge you have been having. It is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all approach to effectively reach your destination when sharing your yoga time with an entire class.

Instant Feedback and Communication

Simple questions like, “Am I doing it right?’ will be answered in real-time right away. Your private yoga instructor will be with you at every moment helping to personalize and shape your yoga practice more efficiently. Even with classroom yoga instructors that adapt to the class, the way the class gets adapted may not offer students the ability to get the feedback and communication that best suits them.

Confidence and Confidentiality

An important part of yoga is having confidence in your progress. Confidence may not come in a classroom full of other yoga students. You may not get the immediate feedback you need, or you may not feel 100% comfortable with a classroom of spectators even when the instructor and classmates are positive and encouraging.  For many, a private instructor is a safer environment to be imperfect and feel less self-conscious.

We Encourage Yoga. Period.

Whether you choose a classroom environment or a private yoga instructor, beginning yoga is a path to many benefits. If you want yoga lessons that are tailored and personalized for your goals with immediate attention and feedback, while feeling safe to try new poses, then private yoga sessions are for you.


If you live in or near the Portland Area and would like to inquire about private yoga sessions,