Getting Help for Childhood Trauma

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

Trauma, in general, can be described as an event that occurs that is beyond our physical, psychological, or spiritual abilities to cope. We can also experience trauma indirectly. We can even experience trauma from hearing about trauma someone else has experienced, or repeated exposure to another person’s trauma. As you can imagine, trauma impacts both children and adults. In fact, childhood trauma, sometimes called adverse childhood experiences (ACE), can have a long-lasting impact into adulthood.

Trauma is Personal

At Mindful Healing in Portland, we understand that trauma is personal. This means that each person’s interpretation of stress and capacity to cope is different from another’s. While each person is unique, what is true for all who experience trauma is that the challenge is real. You are not alone if you are seeking help for trauma.

What Kind of Impact Can Childhood Trauma Have in Adulthood?

If unaddressed, childhood trauma can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For some, you may not know the difference between Trauma and PTSD, essentially PTSD is an accumulation of trauma or triggers from traumatic events. As these reactions persist, they can trigger new trauma, leading to PTSD. PTSD is a condition that develops in response to a trauma, which includes 4 major types of symptoms: intrusive thoughts, avoidance behaviors, distortions in mood and cognition, and arousal symptoms.

Trauma Can Even impact Your Response to Pain

Chronic pain, understandably, is thought of as a physical problem and less related to the mind. The mind-body is a whole system and one can impact the other. Recently, NPR shared a story of Jeannine of Burbank, Calif., who had been suffering from chronic pain since she was 8.

The story titled, “Can You Reshape Your Brain’s Response to Pain?” continues to address alternate sources, such as childhood trauma, for chronic pain.

“Around 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Most of us think of pain as something that arises after a physical injury, accident or damage from an illness or its treatment. But researchers are learning that, in some people, there can be another source of chronic pain.

Repeated exposure to psychological trauma, or deep anxiety or depression — especially in childhood — can leave a physical imprint on the brain that can make some people, like Jeannine, more vulnerable to chronic pain, scientists say. (We are not using her last name for reasons of privacy.)

Get Help with Childhood Trauma Today

Therapy can do a lot towards helping you to heal from and cope with trauma. In the context of therapy, at Mindful Healing Portland LLC, we take a holistic approach. This involves creating a safe space for grounding and working through trauma. In therapy, we can assess how trauma has affected the mind-body, teach grounding skills to work with somatic challenges (physical reactions), and bring greater calm and relaxation into the body.

Do I Need Insurance to See a Therapist?

No. In fact, at Mindful Healing Portland LLC., we accept clients on a sliding scale. We are currently accepting clients for our sliding scale rates.


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