Will The Things I Discuss In Therapy Be Kept Private?

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Seeking help in the first place is a bold first step when addressing depression or anxiety. After making the decision to seek help, there may be concerns about own privacy during therapy. Therapists understand that you need to feel comfortable talking about private and revealing information. You need a safe place to talk about anything you want without fear of that information leaving the room. Here are a few reasons why your privacy is safe with Mindful Healing.

First, Privacy is the Law

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains a privacy rule that creates national standards for protecting an individual’s medical records and personal health information, including information about psychotherapy and mental health services.

Second, We Have a Code of Ethics

Psychologists and other mental health professionals believe confidentiality is a major principle in our code of ethics.

We also have five guiding principles:

  • we strive to prioritize the benefits for those we work with,
  • we establish relationships with trust,
  • we promote integrity with accuracy and honesty,
  • we recognize that fairness and justice is entitled to all persons, and
  • we respect everyone’s right to dignity.

What Will My Employer Know?

Even if your employer provides your health insurance, they do not receive information about your health services. There are employers that specifically offer employee assistance programs (EAP’s) which may include mental health programs, but the employer does not receive information about how the employee uses it.

How Much Gets Shared with My Parents?

If you are under 18, there is usually an initial meeting with the child and the parents to establish ground rules, so everyone knows what to expect. The intent is to create a safe space for the child so he or she feels comfortable sharing feelings and information. In some cases, the parents may only want to be informed if the child is engaging in risky activities. If you are over 18, but use your parent’s insurance, they may get a statement of Explanation of Benefits, but they will not have access to what you have discussed with your therapist.

What Can I Share About My Therapy?

This is up to you and your comfort level. Sharing with your friends and family that you are seeing a therapist or counselor is your right as a patient. How much information you decide to share is up to you.

Is Counseling Just for Depression and Anxiety?

The short answer is no. Getting help for depression and getting help for anxiety are the primary reasons why people seek counseling, but specifically, you may need help with PTSD, grieving, pain management, ADHD, or generally feeling lost and needing help with direction in life. We view therapy as a collaborative process with the goal of healing physical pain, fostering insight, developing personal empowerment, and creating inner harmony so you can live as your authentic self.


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