Counseling for Couples and Poly Relationships

Engaging in an intimate relationship can be one of life’s most fulfilling pleasures. Relationships empower us to love and be loved, provide companionship, growth, sex, and enable us to create a new sense of belonging and family. Likewise relationships can be incredibly trying, filled with imbalance, miscommunication, betrayal, jealousy, fighting, and heartbreak. At their best, loving relationships take us to new heights. At their worst they are toxic. In relationship counseling we work to create healthy fulfilling relationships that benefit all involved.

Common Relationship Issues

Does fighting over any of these seem familiar?

  • Money
  • Cleanliness/order of the household
  • Parenting
  • Sex
  • Spewing criticism
  • Time spent with each other and apart.

Or how about these life challenges?

  • Navigating decision making with someone else who has a different perspective, communication style, or goals than you.
  • Family obligations
  • Organizing a social life,
  • Imbalance of power and responsibility in the relationship
  • Feeling neglected, avoidant, or bored in the relationship?
  • Problems with health
  • Unforeseen financial issues.
  • The fact that you and your partner are always changing?

If any of these problems describe you’re relationship you’re in good company.

Click here to see our guidelines for healthy conflict in relationships.

What Happens in Couples Counseling?

We will explore each of your individual needs, the nature of the relationship, identify barriers, and create solutions to heal your relationship. We’ll work on values, communication styles, healthy conflict, friendship, romance, problem solving, boundaries, loving as an action, and goals that serve everyone.

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