Wellness Workshops

Interested in providing mindbody wellness for your employees? Stress, burnout, and mental health issues cost the U.S. economy between $150-300 billion in lost productivity each year. In addition, stress, sitting all day, or standing all day are linked to to increased risk for chronic health conditions like heart disease, chronic pain (the number one cause of disability in the U.S.), and diabetes, as well as decreased quality of life. Our workshops are designed to improve the overall wellness of the people who make up your business by teaching people to manage stress and develop body wellness skills. Call us at 503-878-8688 or e-mail us to talk about scheduling a workshop for your business today!


Workshops We Offer


Burnout and Stress Management

This workshop provides psychoeducation about stress, burnout in the workplace, and provides a space for employees to navigate coping strategies at home and at work to create a healthier more productive workspace. Untreated stress leads to physical, psychological, relational, and productivity issues. This talk explores healthy ways of inducing the relaxation response, maximizing health, navigating challenges on and off the job, and getting stress under control to facilitate overall wellness.

Secondary Trauma

This workshop focuses on the effects of trauma, how it changes our mindbodies and how trauma actually can be transferrable from customers to employees. This workshop provides education about the symptoms of trauma, how it affects the mindbody, and different methods to treat it. Coping strategies, self-care techniques, and education about resources for extra help are provided.

Yoga and Body Healing for Employees

Standing all day, or sitting all day can create a variety of different physical wellness issues. In this workshop employees will be taught a variety of different poses to undo the physical stress of a workday, and identify strategies for implementing such poses throughout their day-to-day living to improve overall mindbody wellness.

Restorative Yoga and Reiki Healing

This workshop focuses on providing time for employees to relax and restore. We provide education about different mindbody and energy challenges that the workplace can bring. Based on the unique mindbody stressors of your work, a customized restorative yoga class will be designed for your employees. It is complimented by reiki healing to manage stress, improve body wellness, and restore healthy chi flows.

Guided Meditation and Relaxation

This workshop provides guided meditation and relaxation for employees. Guided meditations can include cues for relaxation, productivity, confidence, collaboration or more. The nature of the meditation will be customized for your collective needs and culture.

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

This workshop focuses on the different dynamics of pain on physiological, psychic, and spiritual levels. There is psychoeducation about the nature of pain, and an introduction into mindfulness techniques. Particular techniques are taught so that employees can use these skills to manage their pain and increase their functioning in day-to-day living.

Massage work for Employees

Help improve overall wellness by scheduling time for our LMT to come in and provide in depth healing work for your employees.


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